2014-02-03 17:59:08

Hetzner backup server readonly

The problems with Hetzners backup server got even more curious. Waiting for an answer from the support I started a manual backup for testing. To my surprise duplicity threw other errors than the common timeouts:

sftp put of /tmp/duplicity-dlrNxy-tempdir/mktemp-ll8AE0-3 (as duplicity-inc.20140201T020105Z.to.20140203T163417Z.vol1.difftar.gpg) failed: Failure (Try 2 of 5) Will retry in 10 seconds.

Wondering what that could be I tested the response time and got values of about 0.2 seconds. Wow this sounds like its not the timeout problem.

So, now I connected on the server per sftp. Browsing my files works but the write test fails:

sftp> mkdir test
Couldn't create directory: Failure

Free space isn‘t the problem. So the only thing I can do is writing a ticket again.. BTW Hetzners status website doesn‘t list this faulty service yet.

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